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A13 Eletric Lifting Clothes Hanger
A13 Eletric lifting clothes hanger
A13 Smart Hanging Track

A13Electric clothes drying rack

The Model A13 Electric Lifting Clothes Hanger is a versatile, multi-functional appliance designed to streamline the process of drying clothes. Here are its key features and functionalities:

  1. Electric Lifting Mechanism: The A13 model is equipped with an electric lifting mechanism that allows the clothes rod to be raised and lowered with ease, making it convenient for users of different heights and physical capabilities.

  2. Extended UV Sterilization: It incorporates an ultraviolet light that provides powerful sterilization and disinfection, effectively killing bacteria, mites, and other microorganisms, as highlighted in a report from the Guangdong Province Microbial Analysis.

  3. Built-In LED Lighting: The device also features built-in LED lighting, providing ample light and eliminating the need for additional lighting in the space where it is installed, such as a balcony or a yard.

  4. Smart Drying Features: The A13 includes smart drying features with automatic shut-off to conserve energy and enhance safety. The drying rods are extendable, making it adaptable to different amounts and sizes of laundry.

  5. High Load Capacity: It is designed to hold up to 35kg of laundry, suitable for drying clothes for the entire family.

  6. Space-Saving Design: The hanger is designed to be compact and easily retractable when not in use, preserving the aesthetic and usable space of the area.


This model is ideal for modern homes, especially where space is at a premium or where additional functionalities like UV sterilization and built-in lighting are appreciated for their convenience and effectiveness.

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Prices is including installation in klang valley area
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