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Smart Hanging Track/Motorized Lifting Drying Rack

●Automatic Laundry Lifting Drying Rack/Motorized Lifting Drying Rack
●Light wave sterilization - Light wave and ozone double sterilization, achieving full steriliztion for       clothing.
● Double electrical protection - Configuration double insulation protection, to ensure safe use of         electricity, ease to use Clothes
●Airing Pole Free to stretch Self balancing device Improve lifetime of product
●Fan air volume - 2 hours timer off function, ensure the clothes are dry under rainy days
LED Light - Energy-saving, more than 80% energy can be saved.
●Adjust Lifting height 1200MM
●Loading capacity 35KG
●24 Months Warranty.
●LED*12W  ●Fan*13W X 2  ●Lightwave Heater 500W X 2
smart price 2021.png
Prices is including installation in klang valley area

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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