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Space in homes, especially high-rise dwellings, has become limited. You may not have ample space to place a standard standing laundry hanger.   B & XL Enterprise was established in 2016 as a distributor and supplier specializing in laundry and space-saving home products. We supply a diverse range of retractable and lifting clothes hangers. In addition, our store also carries hangers, clothes pins,  telescopic hangers, etc. All of our products are made from high-quality, durable materials. The laundry system is perfect for small spaces and suitable indoors and outdoors.

lifting clothes hanger

Minimal Floor Space Utilization

Air drying clothes has become a rare sight due to the scarce space these days. This is where ceiling-mounted clothes hangers come to the rescue. Our lifting clothes hanger are attached to the ceiling and allow you to hang your clothes in any available space, such as a utility, balcony, verandah, bathroom, or terrace. Dry your clothes with an easy-to-use, high-quality, dependable, and visually appealing pulley-based roof hanger. B & XL Enterprise hangers provide a versatile and sustainable alternative to traditional dryer hangers while also looking great. The ceiling-mounted hangers are available in different sizes and designs. These hangers are also ideal for homes  with  limited spaces that require an indoor or outdoor hanger solution.

Benefits Of Lifting Clothes Hanger

Did you know that drying clothes under the sun kills germs effectively? Moreover, using the sun's energy to dry laundry is an excellent way to save energy and money on your utility bills. Now you can air dry your clothes even if you do not have the space for a standard laundry hanger. The current pattern in lifestyle living is to provide hanger systems with multiple efficient features, such as user safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Furthermore, all of this should be accomplished while keeping the laundry hung neatly. Many customers have installed our clothes lifting hanger in their homes and have nothing but good things to say. We supply anti-rust aluminum clothes lifting hanger throughout Malaysia. Our team also provides installation and after-sales services to clients around Klang Valley. 

lifting clothes hanger
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