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Aluminium Hangers For Clothes

When you get home, it's right in the middle of your hallway! It's your clothes drying rack and won't let you in! There are two options: either accept the idea of crossing an obstacle track on your way home or let our space-saving drying rack change your daily life. When you install a retractable aluminium clothes hanger, you can kiss the days of worrying about where you dry your clothes on rainy days goodbye. This aluminium hangers for clothes foldable design allows you to easily fold it up and store it until you need it again.

ceiling mounted clothes hanger malaysia

Convenience At Your Fingers

When you purchase an aluminium clothes hanger, bear in mind that you are bringing convenience into your home. You no longer have to plan your laundry day based on the weather. Additionally, air drying your clothes also helps you cut electricity usage. Have your arms had it with moving the drying rack? You should have expected it; they had been asking for an easier solution for years! Now, you can store away the retractable clothes hanger when it is not in use. Hence, you will be able to free up your floor space. Once you fold it, it is pretty much out of sight. The retractable drying rack is a hard nut to crack because it does not deteriorate over time, even when stored outside. All because of its aluminum and anti-rust structure. 

Wall Mounted & Foldable

Out of sight, out of mind! That’s precisely what you get when you fold the aluminium hangers for clothes when you’re not using them. The laundry hanger will be one of the best investments you make for your home. Though it might look like a mere fitting in your home, a small change can go a long way. Even if you don't have the time to fold the dried clothes, you can leave them hanging neatly on the rack. Rather than have it lying in a pile on your sofa or in a laundry basket.

ceiling mounted clothes hanger malaysia
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