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Telescopic Clothesline

Durable Aluminium body, pulls out to a maximum of 4.2Meter braided steel string.
Retractable clothes line for convenient clean-up.
Includes case unit and mountable fastening.
Easy to use, simply extend line and hook it to the opposing wall latch for ample drying space.
It can be used in Bathroom, Shower Room, Laundry or Balcony indoor outdoor
Can be installed on Tile, Board, Metal Surface, Ceramic, Non-paint walls, flat-smooth surface.
Automatic retractable clothes line, indoor drying, not occupying space, keeping home clean and beautiful.
With pull and use, do not stretch to 4.2m/13.78ft. The bare steel wire is 1.2mm/0.05" and can bear 20 kg.
Built-in guide rail chute, the steel wire rope is retracted at a constant speed, avoiding accidental loosening of hands when stretching the wire rope and causing injuries. No stuck rope, freely retractable.
After the U-shaped buckle is inserted into the mouth, the rotary switch is locked, and it can be dried more firmly. There is no need to worry about the sudden drop, and there is no worry about drying. 
●Size: 12Cmx6Cmx8Cm
●Clothesline Length: 420 cm/165.4 inches
●Drying Rack Shape: Round with clip-type
●Installation Method: Wall-mounted
●Max load-bearing: 20kg
●Color: White/Silver/Gold/Black/Pink
●Material: ABS + steel wire rope + space aluminum chuck
●Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
Package included:
1x Retractable Clothes Dryer Hanger
1x Aluminium Holder 
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