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Ceiling Mounted Electric Clothes Drying Rack

Don’t have sufficient floor space for a standing laundry hanger? Worry not! The ceiling mounted electric clothes drying rack is specially designed for homes with compact spaces. No more back pain from climbing over balconies or reaching for high ropes! The hanger is attached to your ceiling and frees up much floor space for you to move around or store more furniture and other belongings. Press the remote button, and the hanger rods will lower, allowing you to hang your clothes easily. Furthermore, a mounted electric laundry drying rack is easier to store when not used. The drying rack is available in various measurements and finishes. When it comes to saving time and energy, our laundry rack is an excellent choice. It has a 2-hour timer-off function to ensure the clothes are dry even on rainy days. You can install ceiling mounted electric clothes drying rack on your balcony, laundry room, bathroom, or anywhere convenient. Our company has been functioning since 2016. B & XL Enterprise provides shipping throughout Malaysia. Additionally, we also offer installation and repair services within Klang Valley.

Smart Hanging Track/Motoerize Lifting Clothes Hanger

Lifting Clothes Hanger/Lifting Drying Rack the trick is to make the laundry feel less work with the  easiest space-saving way to sort, organize and hang it all.

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